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If you’re a savvy Dungeon Master and you read our previous post, you probably garnered some ideas about how to make the combat phases of your campaigns more interesting. Maybe you’ve found this is the stage of the game that has a tendency to become redundant with characters bludgeoning each other until one or the other achieves enough HP. After a while, players become bored.Hopefully, the previous post gave you some useful tactics to make combat more interesting. Guess what? We’re back with a few more creative ideas to help you enhance this part of your campaigns even more.  ...

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When you start out as a Dungeon Master (DM), there’s a lot to learn. It’s your responsibility to not only run a smooth campaign and know all the rules and procedures, you’re tasked with keeping the players in the game engaged.You’ve been at it a while and feel comfortable in your role. However, maybe you’ve found that combat isn’t as exciting as it once was. The same scenario of “roll D20, hit, damage” seems to play out over and over again. After a while, players start to find combat monotonous as it boils down to not much more than seeing...

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If you have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for any length of time, one of the things you most appreciate is the opportunity to immerse yourself in fantastical worlds. As a Dungeon Master (DM), you have even more freedom to shape the direction the campaign takes and facilitate an environment where players feel comfortable embodying any character they like. Taking everything into account, yours is one of the most important jobs in D&D. Your understanding of the game rules and how you choose to utilize or modify them are one of the pivotal factors of how smoothly things go, and...

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