Music Playlists

Hildegard von Blingin' - Modern music was rewritten as bard and tavern music.

DnD Combat Music - Combat music playlist.

DnD Tavern Music - Tavern Music.

RPG Ambiance Fantasy - Dungeon delving music.


3rd Party Audio

Spotify - A great source for both preconstructed playlists or to make your own.

Table Top Audio - Music and ambient sounds for tabletop gaming.

Syrinscape - Music and ambient sounds for tabletop gaming.


Art Inspiration

Pinterest - Art Inspiration

Deviant Art - Art Inspiration


Lore Videos

Mr. Rhexx - Dungeons and Dragons lore.

Ginny Di - Dungeons and Dragons lore.

Jorphdan - Dungeons and Dragons lore.

Runesmith - Dungeons and Dragons lore.

AJ Pickett - Dungeons and Dragons lore.

Sir Vertigo - Pathfinder Lore


WotC Official

DnD Beyond

DnD.Wizards - Wizards of the West Coast Official Site


3rd Party Resources

Lore Smyth - Guides and resources to help create a world.  *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

Fantasy Name Generators - Name generator for all kinds of creatures.

Donjon - Generators for all kinds of things.

DMS Guild - All things DM.

Kobold Press - Tons of Resources, from monsters to adventures.

Ghost Fire Gaming - A dark campaign setting with materials.

Kobold Fight Club - For quick encounter building.

Fast Character - A quick character generator for those times when you need an NPC fast.

Midnight Wolf Wiki - List of many medieval jobs.

Map Makers - List of Map Making Tools.

GameRant - New Rules, Spells, Classes, and Locations.

The Dungeon Coach - Rule variants, PDF's, adventures, and so much more! A personal favorite.  



Miniature Market - A great place to buy miniatures for all the classic monsters.

Reaper Mini - A vast collection of unique miniatures.

Hero Forge - Custom miniature creator.

Anvl - Custom miniature creator.

Eldrich Foundation - Custom miniature creator.


Terrain Mats

Outside of our Chessex mats, you may want to consider these battle maps:


Mats by Mars- Vinyl battle mats

Melee Mats- Dry erase battle mats

Loke Battle Mats- Book of battle mats

Paizo- All things Pathfinder

Dungeons & Dragons- Dungeon tiles reincarnated

Role Initiative- Dungeon tiles

Frontline Gaming- Gaming mats

Yarro Studios- Immersive gaming mats