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Approaching Dungeons and Dragons as a newcomer can feel a bit overwhelming. You are handed a character sheet full of empty boxes and a Players Handbook that is over 300 pages of information you should at least somewhat understand. The first thing everyone wants to do, however, is jump into character creation.

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It’s been crazy around the shop over the past couple of months, and with the holiday season in the US wrapping up, we thought it would be a nice idea to officially introduce ourselves to this wonderful community that we are lucky enough to be a part of. We have had the pleasure of chatting with many fans over social media and Kickstarter and getting to know some of the people that have done us the honor of bringing Dirt Cheap Dungeons into their homes to share awesome memories with their friends, so we thought it would be nice to tell you all a little bit about those of us behind the scenes here at DCD!

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While any google search or stroll through a local game shop will make it pretty clear that Dungeons and Dragons reigns supreme in the tabletop roleplay game genre (TTRPG), a lot of that fact comes from the ease of the 5th edition system that the game uses, as well as the general understanding of the genre the game takes place in. Epic fantasy heroes battling terrifying monsters and saving the world is the bread and butter of TTRPG’s after all. However, just because it is the most popular with plenty of imitators that put little twists on the formula, it doesn’t make it the only game in town. There is a system and a setting to fit nearly any playstyle. Here of some of the most popular according to search results!

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Whether you are a player looking to better your character or a DM honing the items for your game, understanding magic items that will benefit each player is vital. For druids, many options can better gameplay and serve them well as they continue in the campaign.

Read on to learn more about a few of the best 5e magic items for druids that you can bring to life in your campaign. Knowing the best can make looting easier and permit you to make the best choices for your character or develop your campaign.

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As a Dungeon Master, you will encounter all types of players. Some of them will be amazing. Others will not be. These problem players can make your adventure more difficult than it needs to be for many reasons.

Read on to learn more about these players and what you can do about them as the Dungeon Master. With any luck, you can get your campaign back on track and move forward as a group.

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