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As a Dungeon Master, you will encounter all types of players. Some of them will be amazing. Others will not be. These problem players can make your adventure more difficult than it needs to be for many reasons.

Read on to learn more about these players and what you can do about them as the Dungeon Master. With any luck, you can get your campaign back on track and move forward as a group.

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Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of any adventure. With this in mind, here is a short single-session quest you can have your party of fresh-faced adventures journey on based on the location created in our Where to Begin Your Dungeons and Dragons Campaign blog. The battle maps can be made using a Squire Dungeon Set along with a few pieces from the Palisades Kit. All story aspects have included enough information to build off of, but have been purposefully left vague enough to allow you to weave the adventure into your own broader story. There are stats for...

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Let’s face it, the presence of COVID-19 has taken its toll on everyone over the last year. For everyone, being cut off from the world, forced into isolation, and the inability to do much outside the home has had real and meaningful consequences. While this time has been trying for adults, children have had a tough time too. Not being able to be in school, having to stay home, and being away from their friends has had untold consequences. The research shows that during COVID-19 children have shown increased levels of anxiety, depression, and had difficulty coping. As a result,...

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If you’re a regular reader of our RPG gaming blog, you know that we’re all about helping DM’s run more efficient, interesting Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. In some of our previous posts, we’ve talked about some of our best, tried and true strategies to make combat more interesting for both your players, and yourself. If you need a refresher, check out How to Improve D&D Combat Part 1 and Part 2. While we highly recommend employing some of these strategies, you don’t want to let it drag out too long. Variety is the spice of life and a change in...

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Since you first became a DM, you’ve thought about every way to make your Dungeons and Dragons campaigns unique and engaging for your players. If you’re like many of us here at Dirt Cheap Dungeons, you’ve probably lost sleep thinking about all the extra things you can do to enhance the experience. Whether it’s lighting, themed food for your players, map layouts, the list is endless.But what about music? Sure, you probably have some themed music that plays in the background as your players trudge over the landscape. But maybe that music becomes little more than idle background noise after...

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